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Had a hockey game tonight. It was going quite well, and we actually scored first, and kept a 1-0 score up until the last minute and a half of the game. I was playing centre, and we were short handed, so only running two lines. That means we needed to skate fairly short shifts, 45 secs , no more than a minute on the ice at a time. I skate even shorter shifts, due to toe pain. I take codeine, which keeps the pain to a manageable level and allows me to concentrate on the game. My reflexes are just fine, and I actually play quite well despite the codeine 'drag'. I have to skate very short shifts, though, about 30-45 secs, because the codeine steals my breath and I end up getting a bit lightheaded if I stay out too long.

I'm angry over something quite stupid. We had less than a minute to go in the game, but the rest of the other line had changed out except their centre, C-. I skated out and let C- know that he needed to change with the rest of his line, as he was showing signs of being tired anyhow (he skates kinda slow, and when he's tired it seems as though he's skating thru molasses on a cold day- which could be said for any of us if we're too tired). I got a resounding 'F*ck You!' as he skated off. That was fine. I apologised to him after the game and explained that the rest of his line had changed out. His response was to call me several choice names including 'bitch' and basically told me that he wanted the face-off because he wanted to 'win this game' (thus implying that I suck). This was a moot point. I won the face-off in question and kept them from getting the puck & scoring again. And besides, my line wasn't even on the ice when the other team scored against us. I guess I'm just really upset because I've been playing for about a year and a half now, and that's the first time anyone's played the 'misogynistic asshole' card on me. You know, I don't suck because I'm a girl (i'm the only female on the team, the league is co-ed), I suck because I'm still learning how to play, and it's NOVICE -freakin' level league to begin with! At our level, yeah, it's very cool to win, winning rocks, but it's okay if we don't win. It's a learning level league, for cryin' out loud.

To my credit, I didn't call him any names or anything like that. I stalked off, had a couple of minutes by m'self to calm down, went back to the locker room and did say to him 'next time ye get it right, I am not a bitch, I am a shrew', which got some of the other team mates laughing rather hard. heh. Anyway.

Back to the sewing. I guess I'm more sensitive to bullshite like what happened tonight, because I'm so busy right now and sorta stressed (just wait, it'll get worse as the fourth gets closer). Bleh.
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Took the little pink dress to the rink with me to show the manager at the pro shop. He likes it enough that he may order a few for the shop. rar. :>

The next dress I've got laid out for is going to be a slip bodice, with narrow straps. The bodice & hair scrunchie will be of a white lycra with allover small holographic glitter. The straps, wrap skirt, and underleo will be of matte white lycra. I think that my next dress after that is going to be black, incorporating one of the holographic on black ground materials. That dress I think will be a one-shoulder style, with a tank style on the one side, and a narrow strap over the other shoulder. The dress will be mostly black, with a swath of the holographic material across the upper bodice and for the strap. Not sure what skirt style I want to use for it, though. Don't want something too full, but I don't think the wrap skirt will look quite right, either. I think I'll make the front and back bodice points shallower, to accomodate a single circle skirt. After these two adult-size dresses, I'll probably do another child's dress, this time in pale blue velvet. I don't have pale blue glissenette, though. :/ easily enough remedied, though, with a phone call to Spandex house. ;) Although, I imagine I could do these double sheer skirts in chiffon, as well, so long as the waist portions are cut on the bias, it could work. I also have white velvet & sheer lycra, do do a version of the pink dress over in white.
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The dress turned out to be a hit! It took about 7.5-8hrs from start to finish (got several phone calls and took a quick break between finishing the pinafore & starting the dress, to have a quick salad for dinner). The dress is fairly comfy to wear, and fairly quick to construct.

I can make the dress up to about a size 18, and can of course adjust the bodice for long or shortwaisted, etc. The pinafore is a onesize dealie, but I suspect it would be very easy for me to make alterations to widen the bib and upsize/downsize the pattern in general. I'm about a size 6, and the pinafore waistband just about met at centre back before tying. I think the pinafore as sewn would fit up to about a 14 comfortably. I think there was enough positive feedback for me to seriously consider offering this design as part of Original Sin. I can of course make the dress & pinafore in other colours, and there's perhaps options whre I could apply appliques and the like to the pockets of the pinafore. If I'd had more time, I seriously considered putting red pvc heart appliques on the pockets of this pinafore. I may still remove the pockets from the skirt and do so.

An amusing aspect of this dress was made known to me at the club last night. Discovered that the pockets in the pinafore will hold a drink fairly securely, provided one doesn't move around too much. ;)

front of dress
back of dress
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okay, the general consensus is that I do the dress in red & the pinafore in black. Now I just need to find some red lace trim (ebay?). I picked up black and white wooly nylon thread today at G street, since I'm reworking a black skating dress I had laying around that was basted together for a fitting garment. I'm going to resew it properly, and do a rolled hem on the skirt, so I can put it up on ebay. It's a pretty cool dress design, one shoulder & sleeve are of a black/silvery sheer material, the rest of the dress is black lycra velvet, except for a swath down the front & back of the bodice which is of a black velvet material with allover black microdots with a shine to them.
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Rar, pink stars skating dress ended up going for 33 bucks. Started it out at 19.99 and it got 11 bids. :> Also had an email asking if I could make it in a larger size (girl's 10/12). I have more of the fabric, so I suppose I could.

Spent yesterday feeling all sick and yucky (have got to lay off those apple cinnamon martinis on saturday night), so I didn't get to mess with my serger at all. Did go out briefly with P- to fabric store to get a little more fabric & a couple more patterns. Got one spool of bright pink wooly nylon thread for the serger's lower looper (for doing rolled hems). Found that carry a range of YLI Wooly Nylon serger thread in the 1000 metre cnt cones in quite the range of colours. Prices average about a dollar cheaper per cone than G streets prices, and is currently running a special for memorial day of your choice of free shipping (75 dollars or more orders) or a discount (can't remember...15 or 20 percent, but hey, it all counts, right?). also carry regular serger thread in 3,000 metre cones for 1.90 apiece, much cheaper than even Jo-anns, and Jo-anns often doesn't have much in stock.

Picked up a pattern to make machine covers for the serger & the sewing machine. I'll probably use spiderweb or batprint cotton with black accents. This will. be a chance to cuten up my space a little bit. Also got pattern for doll clothes (for doll-size skating dress), toddler sized skating dresses (so I can offer basic dresses down to size 2), and a pattern for pinafore type aprons to use for Alice & little girl dresses for O'sin. Fyi to Jo-ann's shoppers- Butterick & McCall's patterns are on sale for .99, at least they were yesterday. I imagine they'll have other sales going on as well as Memorial Day approaches. I need to get flat cotton batting to use for the sewing machine covers. Hmm. Guess I'll see if have it so I can help make up my order that way to qualify for the discount. :)

I should really plug in this serger and start figuring out how she works. I have the instruction book for it, and also a couple of books on serger technique that I picked up from the library.
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Game 6 of the Sharks-Avalanche playoff series. They're tied at 1, and regulation time is finished. They're going into OT, and this game could go all night. Let's go Sharks! *crossing fingers*

Carolina advances in the east, whomping hell out of the Habs with a final score of 8-2. Well, guess Zednik has til next season to recover. So Carolina will play toronto or Ottawa, depending on the outcome of that series.

What I think would be rather nifty, would be for the final round to be between the Sharks in the west, and Carolina in the east. Two supposed underdogs proving to the world that they can do it.

Gods willing the sharks will win this. Otherwise, it goes to seven games and who knows?????

Have to get up early for the gym, so...
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Listed seven skating dresses on ebay today. That should spur me on to get more of them made, I suppose. :)

Getting ready for club tonight. Skully buckle boots, fishnets, black hotpants under lace hankyhem skirt, black PVC Galleryserpentine corset, black forever21 top with v-neck & big flarey flounced sleeves. little black choker collar with silver cross drop w/red stone in centre.

Hockey game tomorrow, yay, mac n cheese day. :) We're playing the Lightning tomorrow, and I've already got my line worked out. Will have T- and P- as my wingers. We played well together the past couple of games, so we're going to try to keep it together as a line. Saw Coach last night, and he okay'd the idea.


May. 7th, 2002 01:01 am
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Listening to the game on streaming audio, and the Sharks just won Game 3 of their western conference semifinals against Colorado. YAY YAY YAY! :> Here's hoping they can keep up the good work! :>
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Well, five of my dresses sold at the sale this weekend. I'll get a cheque for about 150 bux in a couple of weeks. Think I may get some custom orders soon, since I ended up giving out my contact info quite a lot. Watched a couple of my friends do their routines. V- ended up taking third place but S- took first place in her division. V- just had a nervy day, I think. She'll do fine. She has another competition in a couple of weeks and now she's all flustered. I just reminded her of how well she did in Annapolis, and that she'd do just fine (she won gold at regionals in Annapolis a couple of months ago). I saw her face when she was up on the podium (she's never gotten anything less than first place before) I wanted to cry for her, because she looked as though she was about to cry herself. :< She'll be ok, tho. Her whole family came out to see her skate and everything, and they're very supportive.

Got some constructive criticism regarding my work. Will put that stuff to work. (mostly just proportional stuff, ways to make the dresses work better and be more flattering to the skaters). I've got eight dresses left, so I'll put em on ebay. I want to make some very small dresses, too, like sizes 4 and 5 tot/child.

The competition this weekend covered all age groups. There were 3 & 4 yr olds skating. SOOO cute! little tiny skaters. :> The precision (synchronised) skating teams also looked pretty cool. Capitol Steps team (local team here) looked very good. they had a teen and adult team. The teens took first place, a well deserved first place, I thought.
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Got up early this morning to take skating dresses down to the consignment sale at the rink. Long and short of things, is I may be able to make my living at this stuff. I was getting 'pounced on' by parents as I was pulling each dress out of the bag. Apparently I do nice work. The sale is being put on by a local precision skating team, and it looks as if I may be getting some orders from them. :> Hopefully this will work out. I'm going to be pretty happy if all the dresses sell.

Getting ready to go out tonight. Got a pedicure, pretty iridescent lavender polish on toenails. Will wear white Muddjeans trousers that lace up both sides with black laces, low rise fit. Jury is sitll out on the top, some sort of black top. Going clubbing with Boy, so rather less goth looking tonight.
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Finished the first dress from the rainbow material, just a plain raglan style, a-line curved waistline skirt w/side slits, back keyhole opening. Below is a picture of the fabric I used.


At this point I've just finished my fourth and final dress for the sale. That brings me up to about thirteen dresses (assuming I decide to offer the rhinestone experiment for public sale). I'm bloody tired, so I'm going to bed. Gotta get up @ 8:30 am to get the dresses down to the rink & get the forms filled out.

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Headache pills and darkening the room helped majorly, so it looks like I don't have to waste the day in bed after all. *crossing fingers*

Here's pics of the skating dress I was talking about in my last couple of posts, and the rhinestone experiment:

I'll leave these pics up for a couple of days, then turn them into hyperlinks after that so as not to waste bandwidth after ppl have gotten a chance to look at them. The pics were taken with my replacement camera. It's pretty nice, another Olympus model, which is good, because it means I could use the SmartMedia card from the old camera and thus have extra storage for roadtrips, cons, etc. :> I was at Target last week and actually found 16MB SmartMedia cards on clearance, so I grabbed one. I can't quite afford cards with more space, but this way I have 32MB combined space on the three cards that I do have (2 8's and the one 16MB).
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Okay, it's saturday afternoon, and Boy is at a picnic with cowerkers (apparently work folks only, no Significant Others in attendance). Montreal is at boston, and Carolina Hurricanes are at New Jersey. ABC here in northern VA is showing the Montreal-Boston game.

So. I've got the Montreal game on mute on the telly, so I can see the scores & the action, and I'm listening to the Carolina game on streaming audio. Currently Montreal and Carolina are both in the lead (this is good). I'd like to see Montreal win this, especially after the terrible hit that took down Zednik. I've still got a little crush on Zed, so I was very worried when I heard the news of his injuries in the game the other night (broken nose, bruised throat, lacerated brow, and a bad concussion). He's supposed to be released from hospital today, so hopefully that means he's on the road to recovery. I really hope Montreal wins this.

I want the Canes to win their game, because I *don't* want Jersey to win. heh. Weekes seems to be on top of things in goal for Carolina. Hope he can keep up the good work.

And in addition to this, I'm trying to finish a book that needs to go back to the library (don't wanna renew), and do the crossword puzzle in last week's Hockey News. hee. I really should get some sewing done today.

I'm watching some gorgeous lycra velvet on ebay, there's enough to make two dresses from it, so I'm hoping I win the auction. I'm trying to figure out how to get the rhinestones stencil transferred to lycra velvet so I can put a butterfly design on a fuschia velvet dress. I'm guessing I can't iron the stencil on, as I'm worried the velvet would melt. Anyone have some advice about this?
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Flyers are out of the playoffs. :< :< :< Philly actually broke their scoring drought, but the Sens tied it, and the game went to overtime. One of the Flyers crosschecked a Sen in front of the net, so the Sens got a powerplay and managed to f*cking score. :< I screeched, swore a lot, kicked things. Now I think I'm going to settle down, have another beer, and listen to the Sharks game......

So now I'm listening to the Sharks game (ah, the joys of a cable modem, I can actually use streaming media now!), and hoping (and figuring) that the outcome of this game will be much more favourable, as the Sharks have been making their fans very happy as of late. :> I really want the boys in teal to take this all the way. I think they can do it. *crossing fingers* I really want at least one of the teams that I like to make it outta the first round.


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I have set security stuff on my lj to where most of my entries will now be friends only. Particularly sensitive entries may be further restricted. It's just going to be better for everyone this way. I want to be able to refer to ppl by their names once in a while, but don't feel comfortable doing that in an entirely public forum, so there we have it. :)
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Hmm. Philly lost tonight. Again. And they've set a nice, spanking new NHL record for longest time gone in playoffs w/o scoring (in regulation time, or something). Bleh. Four 20+ goal scorers and they've yet to score a second goal in the first fecking round of the playoffs. First and last, if they don't get their damned act together on Friday night. :< Barber pulled Cechmanek and put Boucher in goal for the third period tonight. But the problem wasnt' the goalie. It's the D. The defencemen are hanging poor Romie out to dry. Anyway. Roenick's probably gotta get stitches on his right eyebrow, Chara charged him and basically mashed Roenicks' face into the glass. Marvelous. Brashear got thrown out near the end of the third period after beating the holy old hell outta one of the Sens (Phillips?) heh. Flyers *really* gotta get their act together. I almost can't bear to watch friday's game if it's gonna be another repeat of the last three games. :< 3-0, 3-0, 3-fucking-0, Sens. :<

On the other hand...It appears that San Jose is playing a good game tonight. It's 2-1, Sharks, shortly into the third period. *crossing fingers and thinking about trystbat*. I really want the Sharks to do it. I will be very happy to see the Sharks advance.

(computer stuff). I'm still on borrowed machines, since my computer came home today, but we couldn't get the dialup OR the cable modem working, so it has to go back over to Boy's house to try to figure out what the hell is going on.

(sewing stuff). Finished a very cute kid's skating dress, done to a raglan sleeve pattern that I had to draft by hand, since I couldn't find a kidsize raglan dress pattern. It turned out pretty well, did it in red glitz lycra bodice & skirt, with matching red smooth velvet sleeves, trunks, & collar, and red glitz scrunchie. I made it to a child size 7. It's really cute, because I did a very similar dress in the same materials in a ladie's size small. The rink where I skate is having their big spring competition this weekend, so I'm trying to turn out a bunch of new dresses to bring to the skate apparel sale they have every year. I've got about six dresses made. I need to add criss-cross straps to a purple velvet babydoll style I made for a customer several months ago. It's got a deep scooped back, and she's worried about the neckline slipping off her shoulders while she's skating, so I'm going to add black velvet straps, crossed in back. I wanted to do matching straps, but unfortunately, I have no more matching purple velvet. The purple I have in stock now is more blue toned, where as the babydoll dress is more red toned. So we're going to do plain black, and I'm going to talk to her about possibly adding a band of black around the hem of the dress, and maybe the sleeves, so that the straps don't look like an afterthought. I have some black stretch velvet ribbon, that might work well for this.

I'm really itching to start using my rhinestone tool. I've got pattern cut & laid out for fuschia stretch velvet for a simple shortsleeve mockneck dress with straight skirt in a girls size ten. I'm thinking perhaps doing a small butterfly stencil in clear rhinestones at the centre front, upper bodice. I've got more stretch metallic in rainbow pastel stars burnout, to use with hot pink solid lycra, and I've got some other velvets to use up. I have about a yard of a nice black stretch lined lace, and I want to do a ladie's slip bodice dress, but I'm trying to decide whether to make the skirt of velvet or of matte lycra. I'd like to do another raglan sleeve dress, it's a cute, sporty style. If I have enough of the fuschia leftover after the butterfly dress, I may try a fuschia bodice w/ black velvet sleeves, maybe a black skirt. Probably a larger girl's size, a 12 or 14. I want to do some low backed dresses with interesting straps & such across the back, short or no sleeves, good summer styles. I'm still trying to draft a successful pattern for an asymetrical dress, tank strap one shoulder, narrow strap the other. Not sure yet how long that's going to take, because I'm loathe to cut any of the material until I'm VERY sure of a successful pattern draft.

I'm so itchy I'm about ready to cut my throat, it's so bad that the benadryl can only do so much for it. :< My throat has been bleeding for two days because it's so irritated from the goddamned pollen. Okay, trees, haven't y'all pollinated enough already? :< I hate having to be on Benadryl. It fucks up my endurance and makes me dizzy as all hell during exertion. I nearly fell off the bench last night during my hockey game. Grrr. Spring. Beautiful weather that I ache to be out in, literally. :


Apr. 22nd, 2002 11:23 pm
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Well, it's been a sorta disappointing day. Had to lay out money for a new digital camera, because my old one died. I did find a decent one within the 200 dollar budget I'd set, an Olympus D-380. It's a 2Megapixel, with 5x zoom, so hopefully it's a little better than the old one, an Olympus D-360L.

Went with Boy to go watch Round 1 Game 3 Stanley cup playoffs for Philly vs. Ottawa and have supper at a local sports bar (Greveys in Falls Church, VA- they make a decent Cobb salad, btw). He informed me on the way there that there is a rumour at his workplace of as much as 25% of the staff being laid off in the next week or two. I really hope and pray that if this is true, that he won't be in that percentage, as he's got a lot of expenses not even counting feeding both of us, and he hasn't a secondary skill set to fall back on. I thank powers that be every day that I know how to sew, and have at least a trickle of income coming in from it. I'm not sure what to say to him about this, except hope and pray. He's been looking for work elsewhere for a while now, as the company he's with hasn't been doing so well numbers-wise. Unfortunately, the fish aren't biting for him any more than they've been biting for me. Go figure. :<

Anyway, Philadelphia lost to Ottawa, 3-0, the second and third goals being empty netters in the last minute & 30 secs of the game because Philly pulled Cechmanek (sp?)in hopes of scoring with six forwards on the ice. Of course six forwards leaves you with no defence, and Ottawa got not one but two beautiful breakouts & empty net goals. :<

I'm hella sore from gym workouts, weights were upped on several circuit machines for me for both upper and lower body. It's a good hurt, in other words, but still. :/ Love the ends, but hate the means, I suppose.

On the up side, though, my summer hockey season begins tomorrow (local house league out of Fairfax Ice arena, Fairfax, VA), with a preseason game of my team (Fairfax Senators in Ottawa jerseys), and the Fairfax Kings (LA kings jerseys). Hopefully my work in the gym will show itself to be worth it out on the ice tomorrow night. :)

We've had some rain the past few days. This is good for a couple of reasons. There's been drought conditions around here for a while (rain several inches below normal since sometime last year), so it helps there. Also, a good rain washes the pollen out for the day, which means I don't have to take as much Benadryl in order to be functional w/o climbing the walls due to itchiness of throat & nose.
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Hey, all.

Gotta vent. I was cutting out fabric for more skating outfits when I heard an odd tapping noise coming from another part of the basement. Thought perhaps it was the ac unit in the laundry room (furnace, whatever). Got up to go back there & see, and lo and behold the tapping is coming from my computer, and the monitor is displaying a lovely black screen with the words 'primary master hard disk failure'. rar. Fucking C drive crashed. Bitches. :< Anyway, called Boy in tears and he's being an absolute darling and is ordering a new one online for me. The one that died is really old, anyhow, and would have crashed sooner or later anyway. bleh. :<

Anyway, if I don't update regularly in the lj for the next few days, it's due to intermittent access. Bleh. :<

On an up note, though, Boy and I are confirmed for going to the VNV show, so DC peeps & serenova, we'll see you there! Not sure yet what I'll be wearing, but it will probably involve my New Rocks as they give me a few extra inches of height, and definitely involve my dread falls, as I love them muchly.

bleh. :

Tax day!

Apr. 15th, 2002 10:07 pm
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Heh. Did mine last month, woo. I never like waiting till the last minute to submit them, and can't understand why so many folks do, but I guess everyone's different.

We're having freakishly warm weather here in Northern Virginia. They're predicting highs near 90 degrees F. But it's only APRIL!!! We didn't even have much of a winter. Bah, global warming. :< And of course, the heat is bringing the pollen out in full force, so I've been miserable for past few days, and it's only just starting. Need to stock up on Benadryl, I guess. It bothers me, though. It's a catch-22. I can stay off the benadryl and be so itchy and miserable as to be climbing the walls and be generally useless, or I can take the Benadryl, be less miserable, but be too zonked to drive and generally be a zombie. Heh, it'll be interesting when hockey starts up again in a few weeks (summer league at local rink).

I've started the first round of playoff skirts on ebay, and ppl are looking at them, but not bidding yet. :< C'mon, ppl, you know you want one (directed at hockey fans). T- emailed me today that her skirt arrived. She's happy with it, yay! I started to cut out a ballroom skirt order, and of course I don't have enough purple pvc to get it done. I was able to cut 3 out of 4 panels. So a quick call to NYC to see if they've got more, they can't send it out till next week when their new shipment comes in. Hoping and praying that the dyelots won't be too dissimilar. :< I've got 3 skating dress cut out for ebay, all kid's dresses, a sz 7, an 8, and a 14, summery short sleeved and sleeveless styles. I've also got some fab glittery red lycra, and I want to do a ladies raglan sleeved dress with velvet sleeves & skirt (short sleeves, straight skirt) and the bodice of the glittered material. I've got some plain red lycra and some other stuff coming from nyc. hopefully the reds will be a good match, because I have enough of the red glitter to do more than one outfit.

Got some really cool news at after hours party on saturday night. Boy happens to be acting webmaster for a few of the DC scene promotors. Turns out that one of them, R-, is going to guestlist us for the DC VNV/Haujobb show this thursday. So I will be at both shows (Siouxsie on weds, VNV on thurs). *happy dance!*. So, now I gotta decide what to wear to both concerts. I'm thinking gothier/oldschoolish for siouxsie, and stompy for vnv. My dread falls are officially my most favourite hairpiece. I shall have to order more, as I get many compliments on my hair when I'm wearing it. :>

Got new housemate this weekend. He's unemployed, too, but C- just got a job, so only two of us are jobless. I don't really consider myself to be jobless, though. I do have *some* money coming in from the sewing. I've decided that I'm going to continue to apply for work, but I'm going to refuse to stress out when I don't get any replies. I'm not going to let this ruin my life. I'm just going to step up production for O'sin and see if I can't support myself on it. Anyway, made a carrot cake to welcome H- to the house.


Apr. 11th, 2002 06:34 pm
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T-s skirt is done, woo. Looks good, gotta get pix then will ship it out next day or so. The patches for the first batch of stanley cup skirts has arrived, so I've got the auctions for 6 of the 8 skirts (I need to go buy golden yellow pvc and more white pvc so I can take pics for the remaining two teams, St. Louis & Boston). I'm running them as five day auctions, and will make and deliver the skirts within 7-10 days. Gods willing ppl like them and will bid or better yet do buyitnow.

Going to club tonight, not yet sure what I'll wear. Do I want to look like a porcelain doll or do I want to be able to dance and kick around? the age old question. ;) P- is going to come by and pick me up in time so we can get in for the two for one special, rar.
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