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If you have them up on flikr or other places, please comment and let me know where I can see them. I'm angldsto_sin on flikr, if you want to add me as a contact, though I don't have any photos up there, yet.
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A bottle of wine from California, allowed in my household due to it being a gift from a friend. ZOMG feel free to bring me this one again!

Label: 7 Deadly Zins (Lodi Appellation - Zinfandel 2004)

This wine was a ble blend of seven old vine zinfandels from seven differnt growers in the Lodi region.

and DAMN is it good. Upon the first pour into my Eisch red wine goblet, the scent alone had me. Rich, juicy, jammy, deep, 'come taste me NOW'. But I couldn't. I just kept sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, whilst my friend D laughed a bit at my enchantment with the scent of this wine.

I take the first sip and uh, well, have to force myself not to gulp the next. wow. The fruitiness, spiciness (a hint of cinnamon in there), and a bit of sweet lingering on the tongue juat amazing. Happiness. :>

Thanks, Dana, this was just lovely. :>
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"Put the one thing, that no matter what, can make you happy on acloudy day. It can be more than one thing, but just make sure that youexplain for at least one of them. Then tag however many people you want to do this.

Nice costume or other movie that catches my fancy on the dvd player. Me in a comfy chair with a quilt, or otherwise sewing, preferably by hand.

I tag....hmmm....

[ profile] ani_moore
[ profile] misha_bunny
[ profile] faireraven
[ profile] ladylyonesse
[ profile] rainingdays
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*eats M&Ms*

I HATE today.

I HATE hassling clients for money. Dammit, the buttons have arrived and need to be paid for.

I HATE getting voice mail and no responses to email when doing the above. PLEASE check your voice or email and get back to me. We're on deadline here. Grrrr!

Ah, trashy television on E! 101 Guiltiest guilty pleasures. Why the hell are strip clubs way down at number 87???? Iron Chef is # 84.

At least some of my faire garb sort of still fits. The skirts that go with my stomacher bodices fit (again-they were getting awfully tight in the waistbands before the weight loss), I just need to move the fasteners over. The bodices, on the other hand, well, they overlap at the waist edge. It looks odd to me, but it will have to do, because I can't really alter these. Dante's stuff fits, pretty much. If the breeks are too big they can be pinned or stitched in at the sides on the waistband. And the great kilt is always adjustable. ;)

Where's my whisky?
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The trip here was uneventful.
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Oh, yes, things to do tomorrow:
Call Saturn (can call local and intl from hotel room for free, yay for tom being platinum marriott points member) and make appt for next week for car, get oil changed, also get an estimate for bodywork and repair*

Call vet, make appt for dawgs for checkup & vaccs, so they can be boarded, if necessary, for anniversary trip.

Find a bodypiercing place (saw one down the road), see if they have 14K beads, to get a replacement for the one that has mysteriously gone missing from my uppermost right ear cartilage piercing, grr.

* )
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grrr )

On a better note, I'm headache free for the moment, though I've just taken the next to last dose of the cursed antibiotic, so we'll see how long this headache free state lasts. Tom's up at the office today, and I'm up, bathed, dressed, and have fed the dogs. Now that's progress.
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I think my dog needs a sweatshirt. It's gonna get cold here soon enough. So I have a couple of Kwik-sew patterns for dog coats, sweatshirts, beds, etc. I'm going to make her a pullover hoodie with raglan sleeves (legs?). I'm debating making the body out of black polarfleece, and the legs & hood out of either purple polarfleece OR b&w stripey knit. The other possibility is black and bright pink velour, the fabric that is uber-popular for sweatsuits right now (welcome back to the 70's I suppose).

Any opinions as to colour choices? Dog in question, (Lana, who is the best dog ever), is caramel colour with white markings & feet and has a bit of black on her face. Pictures of her can be seen here.
She is the most patient dog ever, and regularly sits still so's I can paint her nails, which were most recently done with Sally Hansen chrom nailvarnish in silver on most nails, and the purple colour on her front "thumbs".

thanks in advance!
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Got up, after only hitting snooze bar once. good for me. Let dog down for outside & brekkie, then back up to her kennel so Mama can get some work done. got the piping sewn on my oversleeves, and have them pinned for sewing lining & outer fabric together.

Walked packages down to post office for ebay & [ profile] daednu Had meant to get that done yesterday, but time somehow got away from me, that and I didny particularly feel like walking to the PO in the rain.
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I've listed new auctions and relisted a few that hadn't sold last time around. Two cheerleader skirts, a cheerskirt & bodice set, and three dresses, a rockabilly style gingham dress, a sz XL black pvc gown, and a black pvc and silver stretch mesh 80's style dress.

*prays for a bidding war, as this round of auctions pays for Boys wedding ring and possibly bridesmaid gifts*


Jun. 19th, 2003 07:46 pm
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Ganked in turn from [ profile] archel, who got it from [ profile] trystbat, who got it from [ profile] helcat....

1. What's your favorite cheese?
Lesseee....mmmmm cheese....
Blue (gorgonzola, Maytag blue, STILTON)
Cotswold (double gloucester with onion & chive flavouring)
Sage Derby
Canadian cheddar, verra sharp...
the list could go on and on and on....

2. How long do you hold onto odd socks before giving up on finding their mate?
Hmmm. hard to say. I hold onto the odd socks until they themselves get lost...usually a couple of years. I'm a terrible packrat.

3. Who was your favorite musical artist when you were 15? Yes, you can only pick one!
I was really into oldies (50's rock and roll), so probably Buddy Holly or Ritchie Valens

4. What shape are your fingernails in right now?
Unpolished (though with a couple of splotches of pink glitter polish that didn't get peeled off), left hand is fairly nice grown out, pinky nails both rather long, left thumbnail broken off, right middle finger nail broken off, filed down to make smooth again.

5. Two scoops: of what?
some sort of chocolate/mocha/peanutbutter thingie

6. What's your earliest memory?
Being rewarded with M&M candies from a jar that my mother kept on the windowsill...I distinctly remember red ones in the jar, so this must have been rather early indeed, before that dye was yanked off the market for so many years......

7. When does your pet look funniest?
When she accidentally rolls off the couch by mistake and gives you that 'you didn't see ANYTHING' look. (cat). When she's chewing on her plushy toy in this oddly dainty manner she has about her (dog).

8. What do you collect?
Oh, jeez...Don't get me started...
Folding fans
pirate themed goodies
single malt scotches

9. What's better than sex?
Lots of things...Sewing, playing ice hockey, ice skating, reading....any number of things...I'm probably the wrong person to ask.

10. What things are you brand-loyal to?
Kraft mac & other will do.
Mettler & Gutermann sewing threads
Coca cola (diet, of course)
Guinness....list goes on but can't think of others off the top of my head.

11. Favorite Dr. Seuss book?
Horton Hears a Who

12. Best meal you've had lately?
Hmm....lately? probably steaks on the grill prepared by Tom, asparagus & mushroom risotto prepared by me.

13. Peanut Butter and ________?
chocolate, preferably in some sort of frozen smoothie/shake type dealie.

14. Who's your favorite poet?
wow...don't really have one...unless Edward Gorey counts, since a lot of his stuff rhymed or had some sort of cadence to it.

15. Where are you going on vacation this year?
vacation? what's that? I got C9 in vegas and was lucky to have that. With luck, maybe somewhere for a week after the wedding in october, but doubtful that the finances will be in place for such a thing.

16. If you could change careers tomorrow with no strings attached, what would you be?
I'd not be working at the fabric store any longer, and I would be doing Original Sin full time and being paid handsomely for it.

17. Whaddya drive?
1994 Nissan XE pickup, rather beat up, black & rust in colour, missing front grille, covered with stickers & decals. Licence plate reads 'Dymphna', catholic patron saint of the insane.

18. What's your poison?
Single malt scotch, please, I have a list of the varieties that I'll drink.

19. The color of the carpet or the kind of floor in the room you are sitting in right now.
No carpet here in the workroom, grey painted cement flooring.

20. What's on your walls?
Grey paint covering cinderblock, and there's lots of stuff up against the walls (furniture & fabric boxes and racks and stuff), but nothing actually haning on the walls.
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Sent Paul on errands for lace, ribbon, electrical tape, copies, etc. He's such a prince, brought me a iced chai latte. Paul is love. :>

Outfits are all done. Doing now an optional pair of ruffled butt 'pants in black pvc with white lace. They will be sized to go with a black pvc french maid's outfit I finished earlier.

My polonaise for tomorrow night (tonight?) is done, but for placement of velvet ribbons at centre front neckline, sleeves, and in back over the draping. Paul was a darling and wrapped the ends of the steels in my bustle with electrical tape so they won't scratch me. All the model's outfits are grouped by model and in labeled bags, ready for the bins. I've started gathering the lastminute sewing supplies I might need, and getting them together in the bin box, along with safetypins, wee safetypins, and blank price tags. Have several copies of a generic model photo release form for my folks to sign, and have printed out extra copies for slyx to use in case he didn't have time to do some for himself. I've got my dreads all beaded up with skull beads, ready for tomorrow.

Need to pack the bins. Need to get everything together for my outfit for tomorrow night. Laundry is mostly finished, last load is currently in the dryer.
Need to get some sleep! Might try to sew zippers on skirt for that experimental piece. It's about a size 14/16, though. If it looks good, I'll see about making it in other sizes if there's enough interest. It'll run about 110-125 bux, though, depending on how well it goes and how much grief the zippers give me. Proto will go for 90, I think.

Need to remember to pack camera, in case Tom doesn't remember to pick up a new battery for his.

Prod Notes

Aug. 22nd, 2002 12:00 am
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shirt & cyberkilt for [ profile] pyrogus
skirt for [ profile] archel
skirt for [ profile] dcfeline needs fitting, along with capris.
fitted Lexi's outfit

Production knocked off for 24 hours or so. Homey don't work on her birthday. ;)

Making myself a cute cargo skirt out of black cotton twill with reflective piping along seams & pocket trims, and reflective belt carriers. :>

Haven't yet decided what to wear to the metal show. I have lovely black stretch denim jeans with heartshaped cutouts filled in with lace down each leg. Maybe I'll wear those, as they are muy comfy, and will be even more so if I take off the waistband.
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It's a gold ring with a square cut oval garnet in the centre, and two teeny diamond chips on either side. I'd told him that I didn't want a diamond, but instead wanted to do the (much more sentimental, imo) tradition of wearing his birthstone, instead. :> I'm glad he's a January baby. :>

practical details: there will be a civil ceremony before the end of this year, to legalise everything for tax and insurance purposes, and the 'big wedding' will take place sometime in 2003, giving us time to plan and save up for it. :>
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Need to come up with another hundred bucks to finish July rent. So I've listed some more cheerleader skirts and cheongsams on ebay. if you'd like to see what's for sale.

My victorian patterns arrived the other day. Should be interesting, trying to figure them out from the instructions provided. I prewashed the fabric for Ashbet's daughters dress yesterday, and cut the pattern, I need to iron fabric and cut out dress today for construction tomorrow/thursday. I need to get this other cheerleader skirt & bodice top together and out to the customer who ordered it.

Next in line:
Another black cotton vict. shirt for Victor
blue/green silk taffeta w/ black trim double breasted vict. style waistcoat, also for Victor (to wear in fashion show)

I finished that pvc polonaise, and also had time to do a black silk taffeta underskirt/petticoat with a striped ruffle at the hem. I'm hoping to figure out the new polonaise pattern, and use that with the black and white striped silk that I got in new york.
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I have gotten a wild hair down my neck to make a victorian polonaise out of black pvc. The pattern goes together pretty quickly, so with luck, I'll be able to wear it to the club tonight. I'll post pictures when I have them. :)
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Hey, all-

I've been looking at the dresses from VS with the built in Bralette, and I was wondering if anyone's had any experience with them, if they're comfortable, etc. The dresses I'm looking at are the long and short versions of the empire waist tank dress. Pictures of the short version can be seen here:

I will get them on ebay as they're much cheaper there, I don't care if they're catalogue returns or what have you. So, anyone own one of these? I figure it will be a comfy alternative for summer days when I want to wear a casual dress. I figure the short one will look cute with stripey tights or fishnets & boots, and the long one for hot days and cute black sandals.
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