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Name:Donna S O'sin Jones
Birthdate:Aug 22
Location:Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America
Angldst/Donna, DC Sewingoth and resident HockeyGoth
Maker of shiny things and "F-kin GOOD cake". Avid Ice hockey fan, spectator (Let's go Caps!) AND player (defence, I shoot left) I play in a house recreational league out in Fairfax, VA. More information about the rink and the hockey league can be found at the rink's website.

I post regularly to gothfash. I'm fairly active in the DC Goth/freak scene, and also the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

As for my sewing, I run Original Sin Custom Design (see my URL), offering gothic, fetish, and historical clothing from PVC and a variety of other materials. I also make figure skating dresses and costumes under the name of OSD Sur Glace, found at

Update of 01 Sept 2004: as of 29th August, I am an orphan.

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